Man o man am I tired.  This was my second full week back at the gym and I went into my office three times this week.  Trying to get work done at home has been like walking through maple syrup.  It happens but much too slowly.

This week I’m reopening my office.  The courts are half-way functional again, I’m starting to sign new clients, and I’m having trouble staying current on all my cases.  The stay at home charade must end.

The return to the gym is reminding my how sore I get when certain exercises have gone by the wayside.  But hot damn I am glad to be back.  This week I was asked to wear a mask when entering and leaving the gym.  Apparently, there was a sign up that I missed.  The masks are a drag, but no way am I going to hassle the polite, young woman who opens the gym at 5 AM, if not earlier.

Going back to the office did cut into my conditioning this week.  I am not pleased.  In some nebulous way, I lost track of my temptation to do “just one more thing” before I leave for the day.  Minimizing, in my mind, my commute time also hurt.  Ah well.  I’ll get back to it this week.

The good news is my weight held steady.  I have been paying attention to my eating.  So, that appears to be working.

Nearly every state is in phase kajillion double diamond of their multipart reopening plan.  How’s exercising going for you unruly lot?  Anyone want to report being particularly sore or achieving some goal?

Speaking of reopening, I feel like I’m losing my mind when I read pandemic reporting.  Let’s leave aside anyone’s motivation.  We have beaten that horse to death.  I keep reading about the increased testing, increases in number of infections, and (in some areas) increased hospitalizations.  It seems like journalistic malpractice failing to quantify any of this.  We are told testing has increased but not by how much.  We’re told positive test results are up but not the amount of the increase.  There is no comparison in the difference between those rates nor do we know if the difference is statistically significant.

I also keep reading the infected population is getting much younger.  I have no idea if this means something.  Are these people symptomatic? Need treatment?  What type? How much? Hospitalized? Dying?  Will the death toll skyrocket? Are we achieving herd immunity?  Is the virus mutating in an important way?  The blissful ignorance is maddening.  I can’t tell if most reporters even think to ask these questions much less understand their importance.

Notwithstanding that garbage, I’m feeling alright.  Cautiously optimistic even and this week’s music shows it.  I just remembered while writing this that I saw those guys in 1990 at the Rock of Boston concert.  Also on the bill were the criminally underrated Tribe and Masters of Reality.