If this seems shallow and dashed off it’s because it is.  I almost forgot to write this week’s GlibFit.  My parents are coming over, wifey has been passive aggressive about helping to get ready, and I’m behind on grocery shopping.  Luckily for you, the thought of SP’s rusty tin can lid collection frightened me into writing something.

This was my first full week back at the gym since the shutdown.  My gym requires customers to make an appointment no more than 24 hours in advance.  Strangely, I have no trouble getting a spot at 5 AM.  I’m pretty certain gym attendance is down from pre-pandemic levels.  I have no idea why.  I figured people would be psyched to be back.  Go figure.

The bad news is I am one sore m*****f*****.  I was cautious about how much weight I loaded for deadlifts and squats.  Most major muscle groups are doing okay.  It’s small muscles, like my lower back, that are feeling it.

The good news is I made it to the gym three days and did three days of conditioning.  Admittedly, my conditioning was lighter than it had been to compensate for the lifting.  Still, it’s progress and I’m feeling pretty good.  Other good news includes managing to keep my pullup numbers where they were even though I was doing them well into my workout.  I even caught a hint of lats in the mirror this morning.  *swoon*

My plan for the coming week is to increase the conditioning to get back to more or less where I was before my gym reopened.  We’ll see how that goes.  

I doubt I’ll be able to do more than check in once or twice this afternoon.  I’m hoping dad likes the booze I bought him.  Have a great Father’s Day everyone.

I had hoped to come up with an awesome rock song for today.  Good lord the pickings are slim.  I’m sure one of you was expecting Everclear’s Father of Mine or Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle.  I’m not here to unnecessarily depress you.  This is as good as I could find and I admit it isn’t very good.

OT: I caught Tres Cool’s midweek rant about BLM.  Tres declared No Lives Matter.  Couldn’t agree more.