I discovered something this weekend, my house is way too big, and we have way too much stuff. My wife took the boys to her mother’s for a long weekend and (obviously, she had my balls in her purse when she left) I thought it would be nice to clean the house for her, since she complains often that she hasn’t been able to since the boys have been staying home for the last two plus months. Mother. Fucker. Next time I clean this house it will be by piling up a bunch of shit in the driveway and having a bonfire. Now that pretty much everything down here open again, and going somewhere for a couple of hours is an options, I’m recommending we get a maid service.

I’m disappointed it isn’t 2^15.

Oh, sure. Let’s bring in Blue Helmets to disarm things.

This is really gonna hit the Karens where it hurts. “No justice, no peace, no brunch!

I guess sending DeBlasio would have sent the opposite message.

This is me, falling out of love with my house.