A point closer…

A Liverpool-Everton snoozefest topped the sports weekend for me. Well, that and Arsenal losing to Brighton and dropping to the bottom half of the table.  That was hilarious. Oh, and Webb Simpson won the Heritage. And NASCAR must have the worst security in all of sports.Well, that’s one possibility, anyway. That’s it for sports.

(Pow) Wow!

Notorious bankrobber John Dillinger was born on this day. He shares it with underrated filmmaker Billy Wilder, singer and actor Kris Kristofferson, Pistol Pete Maravich, actress Meryl Streep, cultural appropriator Elizabeth Warren, acting genius Bruce Campbell, and Clyde The Glide Drexler.

OK, now…the links!

Remember when people said statues belonged in museums instead of in public? That was bullshit.

Coming down!

This is unsurprising. They seem to know who all of these people are. Yet never seem able to stop them.

Get a load of who this war-monger is bitching about. The left’s embrace of a sociopath like Bolton is hilariously predictable.

You might want to turn that side the other way, CHAZ.

This is working out as expected. Shouldn’t be long before they blame everybody but themselves. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

I’m shocked! Shocked to see shootings going on in New York. (Note: there are no winnings to collect.)

Happy Father’s Day, Chicago! Well, as long as you survived the weekend.

I think I know why they were all robbed. Maybe they need to let the owners use armed security.

Thank the Lord!!!! This may not impact many of you, but it sure does me.

Here you go! A solid, upbeat start to the week. Hope you enjoy it.

Now have a great Monday, friends!