They’ll love him in Boston.

You’d almost think the FA Cup semifinal draw was rigged. But somehow they managed to have the two London clubs drawn against the two Manchester clubs. So prepare yourself for ManUre-Chelski and Man City-Arsenal. I don’t really care who wins. Just as long as it’s not ManUre or Arsenal. The former because they’re a rival, and the latter because every fan of theirs I know is an insufferable douchebag. (Apologies if any of you are Gooners. I didn’t know when I wrote this.) Cam Newton is going to the Patriots. And I’m starting to wonder if the global freakout is gonna kill college football for this year.

Provincial Putz

Actor Slim Pickens was born on this day. He shares it with movie producer Robert Evans, baseball’s Bob Shaw, the great Harmon Killebrew, Black Power activist Stokely Carmichael, actor Gary Busey, comedian Richard Lewis, actor Fred Grandy, a better football player than he was an announcer Dan Dierdorf, rocker Don Dokken, baseball player Pedro Guerrero, football player Pepper Johnson, hockey great Theo Fleury, and Siamese twins Angela and Amy Lakeberg.

The birthdays could have been better. But that’s all I had to work with. Anyway, here are…the links!

Apparently a crime against humanity, or something.

Man seeks the occasional diversion during a crazy time. CNN loses its shit. They can’t even be considered a news outlet at this point. They’re just naked propagandists for the DNC.

California sticks its boot back on the neck of its residents. But don’t worry. It’s allegedly for their own good. The governor says people are too stupid to make their own decisions, and he means it!

As people go bananas about bars or restaurants opening, rallies across the country went on without so much as a peep about how they might be transmitting the disease. It’s all because of the stupid conservatives who sit in a restaurant or on the beach that are the problem, not the throngs of people literally standing shoulder to shoulder, in massive demonstrations, that are the threat for spread.

Heroes or goats?

This is the story I’ve been expecting to happen. And now that it’s here, I can’t wait to see what you guys think about it. I’ll share my thoughts in the comments.

This headline is laughable. We’re becoming the exact opposite, in my opinion. n police states, they round people up for petty offenses and speaking against the government. Here, we allow wholesale rioting and looting with little to no arrests.

But speaking of police states… I wonder if the writer of that last link would care to address shit like this. Somehow I doubt it.

When a virus and weather are racist. Yeah, that’s not how either of those work, you imbecile.

I like there cut of this guy’s jib. I hope there are more like him. But I’m not getting my hopes up.

I’m shocked they printed this. You know, because it goes against the scare-mongering narrative the media are peddling in near-lockstep.

Here’s a great song for you. Enjoy it.

Now have a great day, friends. I’ll be working like a dog.