In these trying times the world is now more polarized than ever1. People are angry, political division is increasing and no one is listening to each other. People no longer try to see the other side, are not open to questioning their biases and opinions or to changing their minds. Critical thinking is essential. As such, what the world needs right now is one more article about how wise it is to be open minded and willing to change your opinion. This, off course, does not mean you ever need to. What it means is that you can share the article on whatever bullshit social media you use with a pithy commend like “food for thought” or “it is so important” or some such bullshit, and then go back to whatever or whomever you were doing before.

Let’s be honest. To be sure, it is important to keep an open mind in these trying times. But this, off course, does not apply to you. Theoretically, it does, but practically, you already have an open mind. Your opinions were thoroughly analyzed. It is those of different opinions who lack an open mind. They need to read the articles and reach your level of wisdom.  To be sure, off course, obviously, you should definitely not keep an open mind about hateful opinions, which are hateful and bad and nasty.

But you do need to share articles about it, in these trying times. Especially if it comes from paragons on impartiality like BBC or CNN. Social media must now how important an open mind and critical thinking are for you. You are open to the concept you might be wrong. Off course, as it happens, you are not wrong, but you always keep the possibility in reserve. Because you have an open mind. Unlike some people you know. But those people are one shared BBC article away for realizing then importance of changing their mind and even changing it, to the correct opinion, and we all know what that is.

Intellectual humility is all the rage these days, have you not heard. BBC told me so, but many other news outlets confirmed. If only more people were as enlightened about it as I am. Then we would not be so polarized and in the current mess. The times, it must be said, are trying.

Thus spoketh the BBC2:

We all find it difficult to admit when we might be wrong. In an increasingly polarised world, it seems as if people are becoming more convinced of their own beliefs and less willing to contemplate other points of view. But could this be to the detriment of our intelligence?

In the third part of our intelligence series we investigate the concept of intellectual humility, and whether it could actually be key to making us smarter. – BBC2

This is an important point. This is why I am surrounded by morons. They don’t know this. I noticed how much smarter intellectual humility makes me and I wish more would be like me. The world would be such a better place! I am not taking such advice, off course, from any random blog. It is the BBC2, people. They know all about intellectual humility and not being biased. This is the value of government financed media, unlike those evil for profit outfits. Profit kills intellectual humility and openness. To be sure, this is why the private left-wing press are so keen on avoiding it. But they are ever so humble, are they not?

In conclusion, stay tuned for my next piece on how I outgrew libertarianism3, which is childish, and embraced a better ideology, who needs lowering the voting age to 14 to gain track because it is so mature. It takes a special type of intellectual humility to realize that you have the capability to plan the world and decide what is best for those unhumble hoi polloi. This is why we need more critical studies in education, if you ask me. Anyway. Hope you are all a bit more enlightened in these trying times. And if not, you have no one but yourself to blame. To be sure.



1) No, it fucking isn’t

2) British bullshit corporation

3) Bunch of closed minded buffoons, the lot of em