No really, I am trying my best to not talk about things like this  millionaire looting a mall in Scottsdale with a Neiman Marcus, or even things that make even less sense like vandalizing a statue of Ghandi

This is my review of San Tan (Vault Series) Kilo Hop Ludicrous IPA.

It occurred to me the Joe Biden campaign logos look familiar so I looked around and discovered others noticed the same thing.

And what a bad logo it is! At least, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment on Twitter, a platform that’s notoriously anti-Biden. Here are the problems people have:

It’s an obvious rip-off of Obama’s logo.

It’s no secret that Biden plans to make a considerable effort to remind people of his association with the first black president of the United States. His logo is even doing some of the work for him, aping the circular shape of and red stripes of Oama’s logo.

Well yes, Obama is still popular for some reason and Biden was his VP. Presidential candidates often try to affiliate themselves with a popular president from the past.

It looks like his name is “Jo.”

With the “e” of “Joe” in red and the lack the letter’s vertical line, the logo makes it look like Biden’s first name is “Jo.”

Wait a minute…it does…

We just have to screw with him…

Yes…its coming together nicely.

As a matter of fact, I am indeed satisfied with my antics for one day.

Like all this associated with this site, nothing here is too local.  This one is named for the full kilogram of citra hops per barrel they threw in.  This results in something similar to taking a bunch of tangerine and grapefruit peels, and liquifying it in a blender.  Its just as thick as that sounds too.  Its actually not bad for what it is.  Lot of body, very fragrant but left me wondering why did I drink this in the middle of a summer day when it was 106 out? San Tan (Vault Series) Kilo Hop Ludicrous IPA 3.0/5