Ok, kids. Today’s links are going to be kind of short. I’m six weeks into a maddening project to get us (work, not glibs) in compliance with government reporting requirements. Brett would do them, but seems to have imploded his current labor situation in a way that has nothing to do with neither illicit substances, nor Florida-ness, and it would be improper to try to gild the Brett lily by making up false adventures.

PSA: I’ve seen a bunch of pictures and videos of gabions used as decorative or structural elements in videos from both BLM and anti-antifa sources (or the White House Twitter feed) all claiming that the other side is conspiring to cause trouble. They’re just there to look nice and/or prevent cars from driving up on the curb to hit people at bus stops or synagogues or whatever. LA had a love affair with them as a decorative element 5-10 years ago and they’re up and down the Ballona Creek Nature Preserve, there’s also a bar with one facade done up almost entirely with them in Venice.