Happy Thursday. My kids survived the first swimming lesson of the season. Tomorrow I’ll use two bricks. They’ll either be very strong swimmers or water breathers in a couple of weeks. Kidding, kidding. Its amazing the difference between an almost 4 year old and an almost 5 year old in terms of coordination. My kids swim fine, but given the sheer number of places available for them to encounter water deeper than their head, we take it seriously. At eight, we start swimming them with small gators to keep it interesting.

Bald men at higher risk of severe COVID.

I’ll bet this bald Florida Man wishes he caught a severe ‘rona instead of a felony kiddie porn charge. Way to look the type.

This one’s for Q.

This seems like something that will find uses in teledildonics.

Here’s a little song that runs through my head every time I hear about the communards throwing up barricades.