Goshamighty, my new clients do love their meetings. I’m thinking of separating them on my invoices just to cover my ass. “Oh, you don’t think I get enough done to justify the pay? Here’s the 65 hours this month I was in a meeting.” Right now I’m at 18% meetings. But I’m not sure I consistently tracked it the first week. I shouldn’t bitch so much. Half of them are productive meetings with actual decision makers who need to make a decision in order to implement the project. I’ve been grumpily asking people to make standards not choices so that the next project doesn’t have the same overhead. I’m sure people are already tired of hearing me say that. But a good-enough standard beats the hell out of “innovating” across a set of equally good choices.

While my home county of Pinellas has succumbed to talismasks being required, Donations, not Taxation sends a nice takedown of FL COVID cases and why an uptick of cases is no reason to panic. I’m especially proud of deprogramming my wife, who went on an extended rant about the mask stupidity. Choice comment, “So you don’t have to wear a mask while you’re seated at a restaurant, but you do when you aren’t seated?! I guess there’s some magic fucking reason why it doesn’t spread while you’re seated!”

These morons are making the other 90% of cops who aren’t morons look bad.

Dammit, my kids are too young to get this round of free shit.

This guy got his panties in a twist. Please ignore the tone of the article where the author acts like she’s dunking on 4 year olds. The “gotcha” is as likely to be a bad joke as an actual plea for the cops.