Their next meeting will be interesting

Drew Brees is being cancelled. MLB is doing their best to end up not having a season. UFC keeps growing in popularity because they are holding events. And they’re still playing soccer in Germany without any problems.  And that’s sports.

Nice cape, buddy.

King George III, the dumbass who refused to listen to reason, was born on this day. His Majesty, HA!, shares it with…pretty much nobody at all.  Seriously, I couldn’t find any other big names. Man, that poor guy has the spotlight all on himself. Oh well, them’s the breaks.

I better make up for the weak sports and birthday content with a solid set of…the links!

Governor Blackface McKlansman is going to tear down history. The mayor is expected to follow this up by continuing the demolition. Because erasing history is a good thing, I am being told. Well, fuck all those black-owned (and the rest of the) businesses in The Fan who benefit from tourists coming in to see the statues and then stopping to shop or have lunch.They’re just gonna have to make up for it some other way.

New York Times staffers are revolting. While always a true statement, it takes on new context today. But giving the Taliban and Vladimir Putin the same space was A-OK with them.

Hong Kong bans insulting the Chinese National Anthem. I’m sure that’ll solve everything, CCP. ::SMDH::

Muderers Row

The other three cops who participated in George Floyd’s murder were finally charged. And Chauvin’s were bumped up a notch. And now the ME’s autopsy is saying he had a heart attack and also had The Corona.

California: “Why the hell didn’t we think of this?!?!” Well done, Florida Man. Well done.

What, you feel defenseless in that concrete jungle? We’ve been saying this for years, dumbass.

Here’s a solution: you can all quit. Seriously, your department is most likely the worst in the country. So…shut the fuck up.

James Mattis: Patron Saint Of Blowing Shit Up To No Purpose

Here comes “Chaos”. Does he have a book coming out, or does he just miss the bright lights? Who knows.

Yeah, I’m thinking this wasn’t part of the protests. Or even the looting.  Something like this is planned otherwise they’d be popping up all over town as their new “owners” get scared and dump them.

This song comes with a trigger warning!!! At least if Kurt Eichenwald is here. Which I doubt. So the rest of you can enjoy it.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!