Hey guys, how’s tricks? Didja miss me? I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to navigate an entirely new organization. And I have to say, its just SSDD on things like access and giving people tools to do their jobs. At least everybody at the new client is polite about telling me honestly that most of their cloud policies are more aspirational than actual at this point, and encouraging feedback. That will last until the first time I actually give critical feedback, so I’m saving my one shot for something special.

Which one of you was this? I would never. In a million years. Fight my way INTO a Walmart. Out, yes.

I’m not a fan of the cops, but even I don’t think its fair to blame them for this moron. Jailers are their own special breed of “too dumb to let off premises”

This is some crazy stuff right here. Have we covered Wirecard? Dude just forged $2B in false transactions, I guess to raise money? Not sure what the end game was there.

Earthquake in Mexico. 7.4 is pretty huge.