No sports today, as usual.

Hello, playboy.

As for birthdays, we’ve got: 1st First Lady Martha Washington, French playboy Marquis de Sade, animator Walter Tetley, first black PGA player Charlie Sifford, actress Sally Kellerman, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, annoying actor Jerry Mathers, sports commissioner who fucked a lot of things up Gary Bettman, “the walrus” Craig Stadler, wrestler Lex Lugar, race car driver (who lived off his daddy’s reputation) Kyle Petty, tv personality Wayne Brady, and lesbian Abby Wambach.

How most of Petty’s races finished

That list was almost as depressing as…the links!

I assume this surprises exactly nobody. Yeah, it’s not exactly shocking that an independent person will come up with a different result than a state employee who gets paid by the same people as the cops. Still waiting on them to arrest the other three men who participated in the murder.


Fired? They just got fired? You do know there are criminal statutes on the books for aggravated assault and battery, don’t you? Or did those get stricken during the latest CBA?

“Presents a challenge”, lol. Here’s a newsflash: it’s impossible. So we either accept the incredibly small risk and get on with things…or we cower like pussies and give up on our entire way of life. Sadly, I fear the latter will win the day.

More violence as Trump threatens to send in the military. I certainly don’t want to see the Army rolling through cities. But I don’t want to see more deliberate destruction of businesses and residences either while mayors order cops to stand down in order to score cheap political points.  What would you choose if you had to decide? (That’s an open question for you guys.)

Expect more of this.

In answering that last question…here’s the alternative. Except in most of the country, the so-called “vigilantes” won’t be carrying bats. Also, nice misleading headline.

Jesus, Chicago. Get your shit together. I like to make fun of how violent the place is, but it’s not much of a joke anymore.

Now that we’ve cleared up the fact that the driver was in the right, how about arresting the violent goons who swarmed his truck like ants and almost beat him to death? Or are you just gonna let this kind of shit stand?

Too bad this won’t make the nightly news. Not that it would anyway, since they’re all too busy blaming Trump.

The song of the day! I wasn’t able to open Apple Music’s channels to get any ideas because they’ve locked it on some social signaling bullshit and you can’t listen to anything else. Fuck you, I pay for that service, Apple. I should be able to pick what I want, not be forced to listen to something I don’t enjoy. Either way, it’s actually a good song.

Whatever. Go have a great day, friends!