No nooses there.

Man City thumped Burnley. More soccer today. And the NASCAR noose controversy gets bigger (no photos of said nooses have been shown to anybody, to the best of my knowledge). No baseball deal yet. And that’s about it for sports.

Clarence Thomas about to be professionally lynched

Birthdays today include: Edward VIII, the man who gave up the throne for an American, British genius Alan Turing, football team owner hated by almost everyone Art Modell, country singer June Carter Cash, track and field great Wilma Rudolph, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, brilliant musician Glenn Danzig, actress Frances McDormand, odd tv director Joss Whedon, actress Selma Blair, and eccentric soccer player and manager Zinedine Zidane.

And now…the links!

You know, that property all belongs to someone else.

I guess the shootings were enough to get Seattle officials off their asses. The mass violation of property rights, prevention of free movement, and a whole host of other things didn’t do it. Oh, who am I kidding? The mayor is doing this because she’s getting bad press.

Oh, so this is good news then, right? I guess not, even though it would push the death rate down considerably. Instead it’s being presented as a failure for some reason, which I’m sure is in no way political.

Not today, vandals.

DC is descending into chaos. You know, you cease being a protester when you start destroying property that isn’t yours.

Looks like they’ve found the key to Corona immunity in Minnesota. LOLOLOLOL. Do these people really expect to be taken seriously?

Pandering? You go, Rhode Island. This is your chance for people to finally remember you’re actually a state.

Seriously, dude, it’s pretty much like this every weekend in your city. I’m glad you’re finally giving a shit. Way to do the bare minimum once it became the cause du jour.

This is some crazy shit right here. I also am surprised it’s bring handled by the courts and not the Army. To the military folks here, is that normal?

Trump is about to put severe limits on foreign workers. Interesting move to shore up the base, I guess. It doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.

A freaking awesome song. And a not-so-bad video either.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!