Expect plenty of this look in the fall.

College football is getting iffy again on whether a season will happen on time, as Arizona halts players getting to school for workouts. Because “case numbers” are going up (as testing increases) even though the deaths continue to drop. So much for “we need you to flatten the curve” over the past few months.  This is about controlling people, not flattening the goddamn curve.  Oh, and Burnley beat Crystal Palace. Yeah, that was the sports update.

“I am…in a world…of shit”

Bank robber Willie Sutton was born on this day. He shares it with the lovely Susan Hayward, actress/singer Lena Horne, modern hot air balloon inventor Ed Yost, economist/commentator Thomas Sowell, baseball’s Ron Swoboda, actor David Alan Grier, NASCAR’s Sterling Marlin, actor Vincent D’Onofrio, baseball player Tony Fernandez, boxer Mike Tyson, guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, outfielder Garret Anderson, race car driver Ralf Schumacher, and swimmer Michael Phelps.

And now…the links!

This headline is terrifying. It’s also absolute bullshit. For two reasons. First, testing levels aren’t the same across the globe. Second, not all nations are being transparent, namely China. If you think we have more cases than them, you’re out of your fucking mind.

They sat beside each other? CONSPIRACY!!!

The Pentagon pushes back against the NYT on the bounty story. Interesting that this pushback, where people are going on record, is getting less credence than the NYT piece, where nobody is willing to go on record.

JK Rowling isn’t giving in. A million muggles are weeping at the news. Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit, although I do find the whole saga hilarious.

Soon to be thrown in a cage by China.

Hong Kong is a bout to be lit. And I mean “lit on fire”.  I hope they survive this, because China isn’t even paying lip service to human rights there anymore.

The way this is being framed is interesting. But the fact that four SC justices can’t read the constitution clearly is terrifying.

Uh, the cops aren’t going to be the ones to stop the killings. Which means they’ll just go back to blaming Indiana. Because there’s no way they’ll address the root problems. That just isn’t politically correct.

Add another name to the Corona death list, I guess. Seriously, I bet they do.

“Mainstream”. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

This song was not written for me. But I can like it anyway. Because it’s awesome.

Now have a great day, friends!