I think I need to have the AC checked.

As we all know, Mad Scientist fancies himself a “car enthusiast”, a “race car driver”, if you will. Life had a nasty little lesson for our intrepid Dale Earnhardt wannabe last weekend.

We’ve been regaled with stories of installing a switch for this doohickey, a dongle for that. All last week is was the traveling troubles of Mad Scientist’s new toolbox. The car won’t run right without it.

Fast forward, and we find “Cha Cha” Shirley Muldowney behind the wheel, ready to rain down some vengeance on the competition. Green Flag! We’re off!

Mad Scientist ran a masterful race. He lapped everyone in the field and was cruising to a victory until “the troubles”. How did the race end? With our beloved MS half a lap behind in second place. Why? You ask. All of this preparation? The mental calisthenics just to prepare for the ordeal? The new toolbox? Where did it all go wrong?!?

Yeah,  it was hot, so during the race, the crew went into the air conditioned trailer and forgot to take the radio. As a result, our intrepid Jackie Stewart missed an opportunity to take advantage of a caution flag, leaving him the track to himself, as the rest of the field went to the pits, costing our now flailing friend a lap.

The moral of the story? You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.


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