Behold your doom, mortals!

So…you thought I was merely getting a couple of cervical vertebrae fused, eh? Well, the jokes on you! When the doc asked if I had any questions before I was put under and operated on…I requested cybernetic enhancements. An x-ray laser, and GPS spotter for guided projectiles. MUHUHUHUWAHA! At last, power is mine!

What do you mean?

Just a plate, two screws and a couple of bone grafts?!

No lasers or guided missiles or bombs?


Fine – here are some Links. I need to go discuss this with my surgeon.

  • I expect AARP riots soon. And I mean global ones.
  • But…but news talking heads and celebrities have been telling me that China already triumphed over the USARMYPLACED CAPITALIST virus!
  • Knock it off, knuckleheads!

Music Link: Some time back, I found out my favorite naval command was a pop song.

P.S. The Featured image is the WWE wrestler Cesaro “aka the Swiss Cyborg” – I can’t even get the name, much less the features.