Went with my wife to an ultrasound today. New baby is half-baked. Like his brothers he was not shy about showing all his boy parts on the scan. Definitely a boy. Both my wife and the ultrasound tech asked me if it made me feel more “connected”… I don’t know. In the next 17-20 weeks there’s going to be something to hold and then I’ll feel connected. What I mostly feel is the strong desire to not have a hormonal ragey woman I have to sleep next to angry with me, so I try to give her whatever she wants. I am a simple creature who responds to the stimulus of the world around me.

I’m gonna guess that nobody’s gonna rub Bubba Wallace coming out of turn 4 on the last lap this week. Although, it is 2020 so horrible wreck is also feasible — not wishing for it, just watching the garbage fire world.

I’m sure nobody is surprised by this ending.

Cry more, pussy. Nobody believes you when you testify? Gee, I wonder why.

The UK has deigned to allow people to have sex with people they don’t live with again.