We were clued into a new level of the functional insanity of Sugarfree the other day.  It was decided we compare a few notes in an attempt to see if a concept is financially viable.  As you probably know, the Rorschach Inkblot Test is designed to identify details within personalities.  There are no wrong answers.

So we asked, what do you see?

Warty:  That’s clearly a dick with two nutsacks.

Spudalicious:  An aardvark with a short nose.

BrettL:  Angry lady parts

Sugarfree:  “The Tree of Life.  Pooping.”

BrettL:  Ross Perot

JW:  Badger Perot

Sugarfree:  A pelvis arguing with itself.

OMWC:  A space plane mutilating toddlers on a swingset.

BrettL:  Alien threesome.

JW:  Ladyboy bongos—which incidentally, will be the name of my band if I ever have one.

Sugarfree:  Two women tearing a child in half

Spudalicious:  Two trannies banging Nutrias.

BrettL:  Lesbians fighting over a coffee table, week 3.

Jesse.in.mb:  Two women twerking in front of a bow-tied, but otherwise invisible man who is giving a thumbs up on both sides

Sugarfree:  Butterfly dives…or blood of old ghosts still wet



I think we have our answer.