Hualapai Mt., 7 miles south

As a Disc club, we are a close knit group. I knew Marty was marrying his gal Dejah, but no one told me when, so it was a surprise when I heard it was in a week. Roadtrip! They decided to do the deed on Hualapai Mt., which I featured in a previous post, a fantastic idea considering where we live, cool and beautiful. All of Marty’s flaky friends were invited (us) so I come up with, “let’s go camping at Ken’s place and play his course.” Applause all around.

Let’s Play!

Casey, #2 tag


Kelly, #4 tag


Big arm Ken, in his element, #6 tag


Wesley, #1 tag

What was going to be a 10 o’clock start time turned into 2:30. Showing up, we circled the wagons to play 18 and we had a blast, losing some discs and finding others that people had lost, Wesley won by 2 strokes at -1 under par.


Lost Disc?


Found Disc

Next round Ken and I sat on the plateau and catcalled. “What disc was that?” “Hey!, the hole’s over there!” Much fun ensued.

Ken’s Place. One of the finest men I have ever known, Ken and his wife own some property on the side of Hualapai Mt. south of Kingman, Arizona, and in addition to outbuildings and trees, built an 18 hole disc golf course, very hard and very fun, and private, with 70 mile views.


A 40 mile view


A 70 mile view


We ended with a wonderful sunset and a view of Kingman down below, pizza and too much beer, but 65 degrees, so nice to sleep in.


Kingman, AZ


Wesley and Megan

Dawn came and after coffee we did 18 more holes before breakfast, and the rivalry begins. Ken has the number 6 tag, Casey has the number 2 tag, it’s on! Shit talking, making noise and messing with each others’ heads, so much that I took the lead for a while, but they tied FTW. Fun Fact: I lost a disc, Ken found it and I lost it again, in 1 day, tough course.

After all that, we headed up the Mountain for a wedding.