Whoo-boy. Happy Friday to everyone else. Today is the first anniversary of my father-in-law’s passing, so the L household is a bit subdued tonight. FIL was a nice man who made several very bad decisions in a row and died shackled to bed with prison guards who couldn’t care less about my wife’s pain while he was passing. I don’t wish that on anyone. So, I’ll raise a bourbon and coke (Jack Daniels was his brand) and we’ll tell the boys story of the nice man we loved.

I wonder why the Haiga Sophia needs to be a mosque when the Blue Mosque, one of the most beautiful works of art in the world, and I believe the place we get our word “turquoise” from is directly across the square.

Florida Man will be safe(r) from cops, as St. Pete PD decides to no longer send cops on non-violent calls.

Ugh. Pinellas Park, why? I mean Park Place Estates is not the greatest neighborhood, but still.

I assume they’re changing the name to “Redskinana”