Go Sloopy!

Sloopy is out doing what he does best, which is either picking up hundos off a basketball court with his butt cheeks or running from the cops.  I’ll let you decide.

Here’s yesterday’s news from shithole countries!

We should anticipate Latin America in a post-coronavirus will be even poorer.  Which seems obvious given the rest of the world is also somehow poorer.

Finally, something that matters! Formula 1 cancels races in Brazil and Mexico.

Scientists in Peru and Bolivia work tirelessly to save the scrotum frog…

I have no idea why they call it the scrotum frog.

I completely forgot AMLO wanted to sell Mexican Air Force 1.

Finally…Bolsonaro lives!  Here’s the kicker:

Bolsonaro also posted a photo of himself with a box of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, although it has not been proven effective against the virus.

…Which is true if you intentionally paid no attention to anything HCQ related for the past month.

Here’s some tunes.  Haven’t heard these guys in a while, why not?