October Dawn

Sunlight gives way to wind,

And Darkness stars,

Ladders to somewhere,


The drift removes clarity,

And furthers doubt of oneself,

Confidence and cheer are the bread and butter,

Of civilised Men,

never forget the evil dwellers,

In caves of power,

Ever looking and seeking,

Glory its own sake,

Roads turn to Highways,

And journeys to ends,

Which is the greater,

(sorry)It depends,

An old friend comes,

In search of things,

And the the answers that,

 his question brings,

Who built the ‘verse and why?

As we gaze into the sky,

Creator, random,

Who can say,

What say you?

To gaze into yourself is fine,

Hope is good,

Gaze out to the stars,

For Serenity,

And if you find it,

let us all know,

we await your swift return,