Welcome, friends. Come in, say what you like. Peruse my links. I will be busy hacking together a website design, but you all should feel free to come in and stay a while. I’ve haven’t done html templates in a couple of years, and I have a feeling that the CSS and element references are going to kick my ass all over the place before it finally starts to make sense to me again. Oh well. Its a second stream of income, and hopefully, something that becomes easy to do after the first 15-30 hours of screaming and cussing.

Looks like Mex is going to have to call in STEVE SMITH to get permission to use the gym membership he pays for. I don’t know if this is actually his gym or not.

Trump administration shoots the universities’ golden goose. For the record, I am agin’ it. Just closing American visas to foreign students who attend universities which will not provide in-person classes for them sucks.

This seems like a great technical hook to build a caper movie around.

Good news in The Wang, Department of Education has ruled that all primary schools must open to in person enrollment in the fall. Teachers bitched immediately.