ein, zwei, drei!

Continuing our on time links! Swiss precision and Glibs sarcasm, unite.

I almost had the Ghost of Don Swissxote ride yet again, but this sad interview left me more in disgust than pity.

Turn around…..no need for ya today.

So you get normal links. By normal mean…

  • ROOOOOSHIANZ! Man, they are everywhere. I wonder if “fire engines to North Korea” would excite the Russian taxpayer.
  • Updating a prior enlace. (See, Mex, I can be a team player!) So, NY would count this as three cases, right?
  • The old saw “All TEAM BLUE had to do was not be crazy” seems to be playing out. I guess far left idiot remains true to character. Not sure how you stop federal agents from protecting federal buildings…I suspect The Hat baited him into it.