Nice first career goal!

I got a slow start today. Liverpool got back to winning, Man City lost a shocker, Spuds play Everton in a really big match for both clubs today. And that’s about it.

A classic.

Singapore founder Stamford Raffles was born on this day. He shares it with Mexican Emperor Maximilian I, oilman Harry Ford Sinclair, painter Frida Kahlo, former First Lady and noted occultist Nancy Reagan, early rock-n-roller Bill Haley, the Dalai Lama, warmonger George W Bush, acting legend Sylvester Stallone, infielder Willie Randolph, rapper 50 Cent, actor Kevin Hart, and my lovely wife who does links better than me, Banjos.

That was a solid list. Now on to…the links!

Atlanta’s mayor has had enough. We’ll see how she’s received by the media now.

Now comes the shaming, I guess.

PUT ON THE RIBBON!!!!! Whatever. This has becoming more about getting in line than getting on board.

This is fine. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Let the finger-pointing begin. Because that’s what this has all become anyway.

Speaking of finger-pointing. You know, if you let your residents arm themselves, perhaps criminals wouldn’t feel emboldened to do whatever the hell they wanted.

It was a holiday weekend. So this was completely expected.

“Beats me how those edits get done.”

More revisionism. I swear, if Biden taps her, he may be the dumbest man alive.

People in power want more power over people. Big surprise there, I know. I hope Abbott resists. But I’m losing confidence at this point.

Here you go, friends. A solid, rocking start to the week.

Now get out there and have a great day. I’ve got a cake to bake and dinner to plan.