The Redskins are officially out.  Oh well. Everton have really shit the bed as of late. But take solace in the fat that Arsenal also suck. The spots in Europe could still go several different ways in England and a couple bottom feeders winning big could make the relegation chase go down to the last match for more than a couple teams. Oh, and Man City are back in Europe now that their ban was overturned.

Brings out your inner aspie.

Emperor Julius Caesar was born on this day. The colonialist white oppressor (ok, that’s pretty much true here) shares it with KKK racist piece of shit Nathanial Bedford Forrest, sex freak and actor Bob Crane, acting great Patrick Stewart, an even bigger actor Harrison Ford, inventor Erno Rubik, comic Cheech Marin, and tiny baller Spud Webb.

OK, on to…the links!


I won’t be living like this.

“One of the worst”, huh? Tell me, where does it rank next to sending positive cases to nursing homes?

Maybe the person who did this was just hungry. At least that’s what one “prominent” pol would say. Or she’d blame a lack of gun control. Anything but blame the perp.

Boom! Glad nobody died. Interesting to see how this happened.

Remember when the government told people this was a good idea? But that was when the virus was ravaging blue states. Now that it’s in redder places, it’s a crisis.

What a bunch of assholes. I saw this happen in real time on twitter and it made me sick to my stomach. So loving. Such tolerance.

I’m trying but I just can’t remember…anything.

This will be interesting. Well, unless Mueller seizes up mentally and/or says he didn’t write his own report. You know, the same thing that happened last time.

Big Brother is watching. Interesting to see such a “liberal” place embrace the loving hand of perpetual surveillance.

Yeah, best of luck with that. Unless deaths start to spike (which they haven’t), this will not be happening where Ilive.

The first lines of this bear some thought. Also it’s a great song.

Now have a great day, friends!