I was an Andriod user since early 2012. Not so much because I thought they were better or out of any brand loyalty. It was mostly because I was cheap and iPhones had a much higher cost of entry. After my first smart phone, my brother continued my supply of Android phones. He’s much more of a tech nerd and almost every time he would upgrade, I would take his old phone.  My favorite phone that I’ve had to date was the Google Nexus 5. It worked nearly flawlessly, had many features that I liked and was just about the right size. I liked it so much, that when my first one broke, I bought another and used it for two more years.

I think this was my first phone back in 2011 or 2012. An LG Optimus T.

As the years progressed, I’ve grown more and more concerned about the way Google was storing and using my data. I also have become increasingly concerned with the company in general and have made many efforts to minimize use of Google products in my life (I haven’t cut them out completely, but probably will soon). Because of this, when my latest phone started showing signs of disarray, I decided I would move to Apple products and see what all the fuss was about. I’m not sure Apple is much better than google with my information and their intrusion, but I don’t think they are actively evil either (maybe just passively evil . . . hmm, you could think of this like voting for Trump over Biden as the lessor of two evils, that’s never been a cause of debate here).

I’m cheap, so I got the new iPhone SE (2020 version). It runs the latest software and processor, but is smaller than the iPhone 11 and doesn’t use Face ID.  Now, there are some strong brand loyalists on around here that probably want me to tell you that Apple or Google is better. So, here’s my verdict . . . .

It really doesn’t matter. They are about the same. The transition has been incredibly smooth. Why> Because they are nearly the same. I’ve had to learn a few things about where some settings are and how to do a few different things. But, that’s probably taken less than 10 minutes total of my life. Almost any user could become accustomed to the other very quickly.

iPhone SE2020. Wireless charging might be my favorite feature.

Honestly, if I didn’t think Google was evil, I’d probably switch back for next phone. Android has some customizable options that I miss and can’t do on an iPhone. But, these are all relatively minor. These are things such as a separate volume control for alarms, a clock widget on the home screen, and I don’t like the physical switch for silent mode (my case makes it a pain to use). But, as for functionality, neither really has much of a leg up anymore. When one comes out with a new feature, other manufacturers find a way to incorporate or even improve quickly.

As for now, I’ll continue with the iPhone until a better option comes out that does not involve Google. But I’m certainly still no loyalist to either.


Note: I’m not a tech type guy. I’m certainly not a power user. I’m probably slightly above average in tech proficiency, but not by much.


And don’t forget . . .vote BangingLC1 for president: “I’ll leave everyone alone for the most part, because I’m really only running for the perks, I mean who doesn’t want a 747 as their private jet!”