I’ve worked from home for the last 12 years. I like the flexibility, the lack of professional wardrobe requirement, that we don’t need a second car, and the fact that The Wonder Dog isn’t home alone for hours on end.

Because of the nature of my work, I can work any hours I like. My boss isn’t going to complain if I don’t want to set a meeting for 0800. I can work 2 shifts of 5 hours each day, if I so desire. I can work halfway through the night, or take a weekday off and work on Sunday instead.

I’m more fortunate than others, however. I don’t have kids at home, OMWC has mostly not worked from home while we’ve been together, I have an office with a door, my work doesn’t require large and expensive equipment to accomplish, and it is usually not time-critical, so if I can’t get to something today, tomorrow will be fine.

Am I more productive than if I were going to an office away from home? I can’t honestly say one way or the other. When last I was employed (as a COO) by someone else, I was swamped and stressed, working 60-80 hour weeks. I know for a certainty that I could not do that particular job from home.

But my current work? Would I get more done, more efficiently if I were leasing office space? I expect I am not going to find out anytime soon, although it’s possible that office space is going to be very cheap going forward.

If you’re working from home, how’s it going for you?