What I bought

 One day we were playing in the Mountains and Wesley asks if we could stop at a record store in Kingman AZ. “Of course,” says I. As we walk in, I notice a wall of guitars. I walk down the aisle, “Peavey, no, no name, no name” then I noticed Blondie, I took a good look and asked for the price, “**” he said, I said SOLD! I brought her home, slapped it on Marsha*, and said, Blech! It plays fantastic, even though I don’t like rosewood on Teles, but the sound was horrid, so, YouTube.

Turns out I’m not the only one, so I purchased a complete electronics setup for the guitar, so now I get to install it.

this is really all you need for the install


 I may have mentioned my love for Fender Guitars, and Telecasters in particular? That combined with electronics XP makes this a great little project, so let’s get started!

 First we gut the old crap, and then I discover that I can’t remove the pickguard/neck pickup without removing the entire neck, Baaaagh! This sets up a dilemma for the future, I have to test the rig before I reinstall the neck, Jeez! Of course the neck pickup fits fine, but the bridge pickup needs some Dremel work, I hate cutting into a guitar, but it must be done….

Monday Morning

 I woke up, had coffee and continued on. The Dremel work for the Bridge pickup went well, no mistakes and everything dropped in, Yay! Next was connections, which is the cool/unique part.

 EMG has done after market stuff since the ’70s, always high quality stuff, the kit I bought is no different, well……. The whole package is plug and play, they use R/C servo connectors, I saw that and went, OK! The install took some time because I want it done right, and I have time.

 After testing, we string it up, and once it settles down, we plug it in. Success! Dead silent on both amps, and on Marsha she sounds big and badass! The only thing left to change is the tuning pegs. Since the intonation is perfect (I’ll take a bow there) they stay, if they don’t keep tune, they are out, otherwise a great, cheap HotRod.

Blondie joins my Telecaster Squad, along with Red, and Blackie, and others that fell off a boat tragically…

Blondie, a Beauty!

*Marsha is my Custom designed Marshall half stack, a monster

** Alt text is your friend