At work, they turned off all of the water fountains. They said this will help stop the spread of germs. We have those touchless ones that you can fill up a water bottle with, like the ones at airports. So filling your own bottle was hands free. They replaced the water fountain with cases of water bottles. Now, if I want a drink, I have to reach into a case that up to 23 other people have already dug through. Exactly how is this slowing the spread of germs?

This might be our exact model.

We’ve got the mask mandate in our country now. It was issued July 2nd and took effect today, July 9th. If it’s so important, why did we wait a full week for it to go into effect? Also, walking around the office, about 60% of people have their masks completely dangling or below their mouths (not just nose, but mouth). No one here seems happy.

We worked from home during the “state of emergency.” As soon as it was lifted, the company wanted us back in the office. Only one person is allowed in a meeting room at a time. We’re told to not interact and keep our “social distance” from each other. If we can’t collaborate except electronically, why are we back in the office? Is it because productivity was down when we worked from home? No, I’ve been told our productivity was much higher while we were working from home. To be fair to my boss and his boss, and the boss’s boss, they are pushing WFH indefinitely and permanently, it’s higher up than them that is pushing back. We need a major change in company culture at the top.

I logged onto Facebook the other day (I know, I know, but I’m not very active and it’s the only way to keep in touch with some of my college friends). I read through the feed. My best friends’ mother is the biggest progressive I know (she’d disown her son if she knew anything about his massive gun collection). She seems to be the one pushing hardest of those I saw for mask wearing. It must be nice, since she doesn’t have to go anywhere or work all day with one. She was a lawyer many years ago, her husband is a doctor. He still works (he’s pushing 70). She stays home and spends his money. She might have to wear a mask for a half hour every few days *if* she decides to go out. I have to wear one 8 hours a day while very distant from co workers in a cubicle with tall walls. She can go to hell.

I wrote the governor about his flaunting the state and US constitutions he swore to uphold. I’ve received no response. He is a coward, truly. Like the mayor of Indianapolis, the governor has no true leadership skills. Even if what he did wasn’t in flagrant disregard of the law, he wasn’t a leader in any way.

I probably could keep going indefinitely. But, I have a life to get back to, unlike most of the people I’ve mentioned above.

Don’t forget I’m running for President as the veto party candidate.
Vote BangingLC1 – I’ll do my best to golf more than Trump and Obama combined! God knows I don’t actually want to govern!