Should you find yourself in Lausanne, buy one.


So…today I have managed to not be untimely. The worst Swiss sin since having something visible stuck in your teeth after lunch!

And one special shout out – today, some years back…the heavens were rent, the Ghost of H.P. Lovecraft was seen wailing across Boston Common, portents of great fear were seen everywhere. Yes, SugarFree was born. Happy Birthday, Author Extraordinaire!

With that, it is on to the links:

  • Folgen! The Swiss can be quite the rules sticklers…when they see it in their self-interest.
  • Hey?! The Americans burned through a whole boatload of money…we can too! The Free Shit Army has conquered the world.

    Actual footage

  • THIS is how you do it, and maintain a measure of privacy.
  • You know who else wanted to acquire a chunk of the Austrian Air Force?

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