It’s Tuesday but not Jewsday. Sorry. But hey, links are OK, and you get some free bonus snark. I took a trip to Walmart yesterday, and when challenged about my mask (or lack thereof), I smiled, said, “Medical exemption,” and kept walking. These are magic words, akin to saying “Jury Nullification” during voir dire. And nothing else happened. Looking certain is the key.

There’s an unusual number of notable birthdays today, including the finest libertarian novelist to ever walk the Earth; co-author of the greatest cookbooks in America; an insanely talented pitcher who deserved better; the original #metoo girl; half of the best husband-and-wife musical team ever; the most underrated drummer ever; and a guy who would always tell you when it was going to rain.

News and snark to follow.


“All this money is going to the millionaires and billionaires, and… oh wait.”


“Hey, we can grift, too, you know.”


“Outta my way, I want the money, too.”


Wait, I thought that everyone else was now fine and it’s just the US who’s fucked up. This is very confusing.


Our White Hispanic mayor is a wise Latina.


Buy beer, Shaun King needs the money.


Everything is better with monkeys.


The NFL wants to play the Black National Anthem before games this year. I had no idea there was such a thing, and the implied segregation is offensive to me. As was the song and lyrics once SP found them for me. So herewith, Old Guy Music suggests a better anthem to play before every game. This would get me back as a fan.