Andrew Friedman
Dodger Stadium
1000 Vin Scully Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Mr. Friedman,

My dog is named Kershaw.

I’ve been a diehard fan of the Dodgers since the days of Maury Wills, Bill Sudakis, Duke Sims and Claude Osteen. My father regaled my brothers and me with stories about his heroes Robinson, Campanella and Koufax.  I saw Maddux pitch in my Hajj to Dodger stadium in 2007.  I basked in Hershiser’s glory in 1988.

The best front office in the game has built a franchise that is poised to win a thousand games over the next decade – I thought this year would end 30 years of “wait til’ next year.”

The Dodgers and MLB are now dead to me.

Wednesday’s game is cancelled so the players can make a contentless, vapid, shallow, but fashionable statement about racial issues in the US.

Clayton Kershaw and Mookie Betts feel a need to raise my consciousness.

The issues of police brutality/unaccountability have informed my politics since before either of them was born. I’ve spent decades reading scores of articles by Radley Balko and others regarding the perverse incentives and horrible effects of:

– the drug war

– police militarization

– no knock raids

– civil asset forfeiture

– training police to regard everyone as threats to be dominated

– dogs as probable cause generators.

I understand that African Americans bear the brunt of a disproportionate amount of these harmful policies. For 40 years I’ve been sneered at by democrats who then turn around and mindlessly vote for democratic council candidates who proceed to protect police officers with ridiculously lenient contract provisions. For 40 years I’ve been sneered at by republicans who mindlessly justify any heinous act by law enforcement officers and treat the fourth and fifth amendments like they’re toilet tissue.

I’ve watched BLM hijack a righteous issue, crib the policy suite that Reason magazine has been pushing since the nineties and use it to pursue a marxist agenda like it’s 1848.

I’m offended that a couple of $30 million political neophytes and their pals have the nerve to lecture me about these issues with nothing more substantial to say than, “We can no longer be silent.”  How long before the Dodgers require fans to engage in ritual incantations of “black lives matter” as each fan passes through the turnstiles.

I have cancelled my account and I shall give the Dodgers no more of my attention.

With a heavy heart,


Cc:  Dave Roberts, Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, Stan Kasten