Dog Park Mafia

*the Dog Park Mafia is a group of people, led my their Mayor, in pursuit of Dog Park Dominance, and exact Tribute in the form of Baggies for Dog Shit, they hate our discs flying in to their Sanctuary, and expect us to Bark on retrieval of our discs, It’s a Parkie Gang War!*

The day begins and I wake up,

To the sound of a whining, barking Pup,

I drink my coffee as she sits and waits, 

For my shoes to jump on my feet and Yay!


I jump in the van with my very good friend,

And go to the Doggy place again,

Arrive at the park, leash up and get going,

It doesn’t take long til the peepee is flowing,


Hello to my Neighbors, and them to the Mutts,

Enjoying each other, and smelling their Butts,

We watch Eagles hunting, and spy a  young Blonde,

A very nice Brazilian gal, on a three point Bike rides on,


Then in sight is the park itself, full of dogs that run and yelp,

the fact that there’s fifteen, certainly doesn’t help,

Onward doggie walks on, for she is free,

and they are in prison, as it probably should be,


With the Dog Park Mafia far out of reach,

I think Me and Bella, will go to the Beach,

Enjoy the cool water and have us some Beers,

And swim to the Island, Bella first, Cheers!

Where’s my Island Dad?


Exhausted and done, we make our way home,

With treats and a nice cool place to lie down,

Young dogs full of energy, What can one say,

at least they aren’t fat..