Some of you have gotten creative with your workouts since gyms were forced to close.  Take Derpetologist for example:

You should have saved it for GlibFit Derpe but all is forgiven.

In the Before Times, Derpe wouldn’t have had to go to such extremes to get in a decent workout.  But here we are now.  What are each of you who are locked out of your gym/spin studio/whatever doing to get in a meaningful workout?


There has been plenty of chatter here about closed gyms reopening or staying closed.  Mexican Sharpshooter showed us how some gym owners in Arizona are in open defiance of the governor’s orders. In California, all gyms are closed by order of Governor Nuisance.  I know of at least one that is operating on the sly so I suppose there may be others out there too.  What’s the status of gyms in your state?

You knew this would be this week’s music.