In a previous article, I discussed a lawsuit between an owner of a Scottsdale based fitness center and the state, which was eventually tossed out.  A new development was occurred earlier this week.  For reference, the original article is linked here.

This is my review of Huss Brewing Hopaloosa Hazy IPA

The original Executive Order closing down bars, gyms, and waterparks (I know what you’re thinking, “really, waterslides spread the plague?”) was slated to be lifted on July 27.  For those unfamiliar with the judge’s original ruling, his decision was contingent upon a process to apply to reopen.  It is because of this process, which was not even implemented at the time, the judge ruled did not violate the gym owner’s due process.

Fast forward to August 3.  This process still did not exist.  It was here that a dissenting opinion from a health expert got to be heard in court, even if it was from one that put out fear mongering opinions a couple months ago about the hospitals in the state about to break…I guess he removed his head from his ass for an hour.

The current public health overlord in Arizona however, had a mildly Orwellian response to questioning.

Christ, in defending her decision, said she and her staff have more information about the disease than pretty much anyone else, things like data on specific patients.

“The public does not have access to that type of information,” she said. Christ also said she has more access to experts, like the state epidemiologist, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the members of the Conoravirus Task force.

“I waste taxpayer funds with commercials instructing dozens of Diamondbacks fans to store their masks in plastic baggies, and I know things.“

“Trust me, I know better.“

Happily, the judge ruled against the state.

“The Executive Orders, as implemented, violate procedural due process,” the 24-page ruling says. “As set forth above, fitness centers must be provided a prompt opportunity to apply for reopening. The process for doing so must be in place within one week from the date of entry of this Order. The Executive Orders, however, do not violate substantive due process.”

”My previous bullshit ruling must not be construed as bullshit.  But the state is incompetent and I refuse to allow them to make a liar out of me…and so…“

Right-wing media seems inclined to call it a win.  I say its a draw, at best.  The attestation form is here in case you want to see how retarded, and meaningless a process this is—or laugh at my state government’s inability to put this together over the course of a month.  Mountainside plans to reopen on Tuesday, August 11th.

No word from my gym, yet… Hopefully they didn’t go belly-up.


This beer is interesting because the brewery is better known for making Kölsch ales, and a pleasant variant of one involving coffee.  They also make my favorite lawnmower lager, which I may run out to buy later today. This is a fun combination of the fruity IPA that Yusef loves to hate, but the dank sewer IPA that he seems to enjoy, with a slight bias towards the former.

Yusef should buy this if he is so inclined.  Still even as an IPA it gets a pretty solid rating from me. Huss Brewing Hopaloosa Hazy IPA:  3.0/5



ETA:  Urge to go shopping for woodchippers….rising.

ETA:  That got shot down.  I might still pick up a woodchipper.