Happy Tuesday everybody. I may have ended up on the far side of the Ballmer Peak last night whilst working late. It was all good for a while, then things started dropping off. Not like, Windows ME bad. but I shoulda quit half an hour before I did.

Looks like Hezbollah is down to boog.

Which one of you is this?

I expect this to end well. And by “well” I mean about like things always go for the Red Army. Also, please note, the picture at the top is a sculpture, not a Russian military robot… I think.

Quote from the future: “The individual was suicidal, so the officers had to engage him with lethal force to apply the nasal spray. Unfortunately, the suspect expired at the scene, but at least all of our brave officers went home safe to their families.”


Brett, how drunk did you get last night? I bought a pair of these fabulous white overalls.