Look, this is my fuckup, I got too occupied and now find myself just throwing Links together today. Ah well, you get what you pay for.

Birthdays will be limited today to the top candidates, but this guy had a way of spinning reality; and this guy could tilt any baseball field in his favor; and this guy will remind you that “Jewish” and “ham” can go together; and this guy who definitely left his mark on the film world.

News, of course:


This has been a back and forth story in Arizona. The governor is at war with the owner of a chain of gyms, and is doing his best to be the biggest vindictive dickhead he can possibly be. At our expense, of course.


In Arizona, we hate free enterprise.


Well, it’s official- we’re not quite as stupid as the residents of DC.


You just can’t make this shit up.


Fans of JP Sears will know that his latest hilarious video got taken down by YouTube. Here is the video they feared. In response, JP sent a wonderful message to his email list, where he all but declares himself a libertarian.

Freedom of speech is one of the most beautiful gifts in life. If it continues to erode away into nothing more than a memory, it won’t happen with me sitting on the sideline. If that were to happen, as a bring my son into this world, and one day he asked me, “Dad what did you do when all the freedoms were being taken away?” My answer sure as hell won’t be, ” I watched it happen.” I owe my son better than that and I dare say I owe humanity better than that. You can choose to watch or you can choose to join me in standing for human freedoms. The choice is yours. As my friend Tim Kennedy wisely says, we are living in a time when you get to choose peaceful slavery or dangerous freedom. The choice is yours.


This is truly the best of all possible timelines.


I’m shocked that confiscatory tax policies lead to this.


Old Guy Music wasn’t exactly what I planned, but it was exactly what I needed.