As much fun as I’ve made of preppers over the years, we’ve done it anyway. And it just feels like things are going to get worse, much worse. I’m thankful that we can get to remote locations quickly, and doubly thankful that SP has my back. But, know what? It’s Sunday and I’m going to relax after having spent most of yesterday working, mowing the lawn, weeding, picking up dogshit…. Yes, that means drinking today.

But before I commence to heading in the blackout direction, let’s see who was born on this day: a fishing guy; a guy who has your number; a guy who was quite aromatic and neglected overlap; a guy who taught me everything I know; one of the stars of the dullest movie ever made; the only Mustache to ever rival P Brooks; a guy notorious for sinking ships; and a no-talent but big-named piece of shit holding a microphone because he’s not good enough for even a bit part in a Mafia film.

Now let’s relax with some headlines.


“I have a pen and a phone.” And absolutely zero regard for the constitution.


Cop-cam footage released. This is murder, straight up. Being that this is Maricopa County, aka Arpaio-land, chances of a significant prosecution are zero. Paid vacation, then retirement at full pension from PTSD.


I wonder what Corn Pop thinks.


As predicted.


Wait, isn’t he already home? That was the campaign strategy, right?


“We’re still total assholes.” End public education.


Old Guy Music today is Billy Strings, because nobody doesn’t like Billy Strings. It’s relaxing.