Brett may, or may not have done this.


Don Brett may have gone a bit overboard in the animal testing of his new… product line. He left a rather cryptic voice mail about not being able to make it in, because trippin’ gators. Well, this beats wrangling the cryptids, so I volunteered to pick up the links.

Without any further delay, here are your links!

  1. New York, New York is a hell of a town! Crime is up and morale is down… I boggle at the idea that people can see what happens when you put a feckless socialist in charge of your big city and say “I want me a piece that for my town!” [NOTE: I do not equate arrests with justice – but when you have lots of murdery, stealy and shooty stuff going on, I would expect a few people who are not NAP fans to be caught and charged]
  2. I think SEA SMITH owes us some answers.
  3. We cannot allow this! Especially if you have a harder time acing yourself in response.

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