It is Thursday? Holy smokes. Gotta start getting ready for my kid’s birthday. We’re renting a bounce house and inviting all the kids on the block. We’ll see who shows up. I know the next door neighbors and my family. Other than that, I’ve just found that I am doing the EXACT SAME PROJECT with different data and less control. So I feel like I’m living through meetings I’ve already slogged through before.

I don’t know whether I’m more sad that genetic scientists still use Excel as their statistical tool of choice, or that it was easier to change genetic nomenclature rules than write and distribute a macro.

This seems like overreach to me. I mean, certainly the NRA has been a joke since at least Oliver North got run off for asking for an independent audit, but I’m not really seeing how one can call for dissolution of a lobbying organization solely because the board wrote itself sweet-heart deals. But if this goes through, I look forward to the precedent being applied to the SPLC.

I assume, based on BP’s record, that worker safety will reach a new high at the same time.

If only he’d worn a mask and stayed out of the bars after 10pm! Gov. DeWine gets the ‘rona.


So I was gonna run out the week annoying y’all with the Scissor Sisters, but Sloopy and I got to talking about this video, and now I will share it with you.