Most of the way through this week and it keeps getting crazier.

I guess Thom thought the players were dancing around.

The EPL has their fixture list for 20-21 ready to go.  Theres some fun early stuff there. And I wouldn’t want to be ManUre at the start of the year…that’s a hell of a start as they inevitably chase the Europa League spots. Somebody is about to find out how far unemployment benefits go. Yikes. And some playoffs are going on, I think. Don’t know, don’t care. And that’s sports.

Sadly, it never quite happened.

Antarctica discoverer Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen was born on this day.  He shares it with naval hero (toOhioans) Oliver Hazard Perry, President (and Buckeye) Benjamin Harrison, writer H.P. Lovecraft, Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo, boxing promoter Don King, libertarian-ish good guy Ron Paul, sociopath Slobodan Milosevic, musician Isaac Hayes, baseball players Fred Norman and Graig Nettles, rockers Robert Plant and Phil Lynott, tv man AL Roker, ass-covering attorney Sally Yates, pitcher Andy Benes, rocker “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, and actress Amy Adams.

Solid diverse list there.  And now on to…the links!

The Dems have a fresh young face in Kansas. He’s gonna fit right in the political world.

Ted Kennedy’s outreach program for women’s swimming gets off to a rough start.

(This one is just a tweet) Ah yes…Teddy Kennedy, women’s rights champion!

The Spiderman gif of him pointing at himself would be appropriate here. But I wasn’t sure you guys would know it was an actual ink, so I wrote it out.  Is Trump a narcissist? Sure. But this guy saying it might want to have a servant fetch him a mirror.

I can’t believe Biden is dumb enough to have let the DNC trot her out. Well, in his defense he doesn’t really know what the fuck is going on around him. But still, this is a non-starter with most swing voters right now.  What’s next, a moody millionaire teenager with green hair moaning some “woe is me” garbage with the energy of a three-toed sloth taking the stage to tell hard-working blue collar people what to do?

There’s more cops there than the whole South Side!

Queen Beetlejuice has spoken! It’s good to be the queen, I guess. Because you will be protected while the rest of the city is left to burn.

I guess they’re not giving in to blackmail. Of course, they’ll be painted as the blackmailers now. But I applaud their insistence on not giving in to these scummy government fucks.

I guess this is the solution to the mass exodus of people: soak the ones who stay.  It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

Good. Now if they could just find one that says compulsory school is unconstitutional, we’d be all set.

Here’s a good song for you. Bonus for the cheesy video.

Anyway, go have a great day, friends!