Don’t expect to see this anytime soon.

The Big 12 has set their football plan in place, and that’s all five power conferences.  The ACC and Big 12 are the only ones playing an OOC game, one out of necessity due to the number of teams and one probably out of opportunism to pad their schedule with scrubs like The Citadel and Charleston Southern.  But hey, I ain’t complaining. The PGA Championship starts in a couple days and I am predicting Justin Thomas or Jon Rahm will win. I know those aren’t exactly bold picks.  Meanwhile, across the pond, the most valuable game in the world is taking place today. Of course it isn’t nearly as much fun when there’s nobody there. And that’s sports.

Rocket Man

Birthdays today include poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, luggage maker Louis Vuitton, Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon, auto racer and engineer Ernesto Maserati, jazz great Louis Armstrong, baseball player Wild Bill Hallahan, legendary great hockey superstar (and that’s still an understatement) Maurice Richard, rental car pioneer Warren Avis, gaming magnate Sheldon Adelson, baseball player Cleon Jones, actor Billy Bob Thornton, heavyweight punching bag Gerry Cooney, Chicago machine politician Barack Obama, hurler Roger Clemens, race car driver (who would have broken all the records if they hadn’t changed the Cup rules) Jeff Gordon, and man-breaker Meghan Markle.

Long list there. And now…the links!

You know, this kind of article pisses me off to no end. Especially after virtually all of the MSM were banging the lockdown drum for months at the expense of seeing any of the downstream effects of them. And now let’s talk of the economic effects and the psychological trauma we’ve inflicted on children…because I suspect they’ll outstrip the medical impact of The Corona by orders of magnitude.

::laughs in Dr Hibbert::

I suppose The Simpsons will be drafting a “Help Wanted – must be minority” ad in the near future. Because they surely, surely, cannot tolerate this kind of insensitive common sense. I applaud his stance.

Looks like stupidity is more contagious than The Corona. At least when it comes to educators.

I have a way to make these police officer safer. Don’t let them work second jobs while wearing part or all of their police costume. You work your shift as a cop and then you are done dressing in cop shit for the remainder of the day.

Speaking of cops, the British aren’t immune to problems within their ranks. Poor Dicks.

Protesting in a large group in the name of safety. ::smdh::

“Putting us in classrooms with a handful of kids is gonna kill us!”, they said while marching together by the hundreds. But they care so much about the kids, right?  No. No they don’t.

These assholes in Chicago are doing the same thing. I mean, do they not see how bad the optics are when they march by the hundreds surrounded by strangers to protest being put in a room with the same couple dozen kids each day? Or do they simply not give a fuck anymore since their unions have the politicians from these cities in their pockets?

I guess she missed the people getting tossed in a police van for writing with chalk the other day.

Sharick said that she wanted to teach her three-year-old daughter about the Black Lives Matter movement, and never expected this response to the chalk. “I was in shock because since I’ve been here since 1993,” she told KRON4. “I’ve never dealt with racism within my neighborhood.”

Newsflash: you still haven’t dealt with racism in your neighborhood, you stupid asshole.

Women Persons with cervixes can now bring their own tampons to take the Texas Bar exam.

“Without doubt, many people taking bar exams in the coming months—women, transgender men, and nonbinary persons—will be menstruating,” the letter said, citing that menstrual products are not ‘one size fits all’. “It is critical that they have access to their own menstrual products during the exam as opposed to only unknown and likely uniform products that are provided by a state board in a restroom.”

LOL, ok dude, whatever.

Enjoy rocking out.

Now go have a great day, friends!