Little boys are awesome. My little one who will be five next week has been resistant to getting rid of his training wheels. So I’ve been telling him, well, when you’re five, and he’d try to argue for six. Until last night, when an older kid on the block was jumping his bike off ramp. T comes running down to get his bike, “I gonna jump the ramp, too!” So I explained to him that he couldn’t really ramp with training wheels. Two minutes later he’s riding on two wheels down the street. I guess I’m not a true old-school dad, though. I told him no ramp until he can start, stop and turn by himself. Only because I know he’s gonna eat it hard the first time, so we’ll try to separate that from riding without training wheels by a couple of days.

Controlled detonation of a grain elevator. I hear that the Misscagoula plant explosion launced a piece of industrial equipment just like that much higher, but didn’t stick the landing.

Coral Sex Milestone. Great album.

News from the finance boffins — people without income stop paying unsecured credit.

This is all about bringing your own biases to an event. The Texas City fertilizer explosion in 1947 also shattered windows 15 miles away and flung a one ton ships anchor two miles. Seems about the same as what happened in Beirut. A shipload of fertilizer blowing up is catastrophic.

Fuck it, I’m just going to go with it all week.