I may have been wallowing in negativity the past few weeks.  If so, sorry about that.  No one comes here for that.

I pulled my head out of my ass and got back to it this week.  I needed to mix up my routine for a few reasons.  First, something was going on with my right knee when I did bodyweight squats three times a week.  Second, it felt like I was doing enough to get by but not enough to be challenging.  Third, my routine was getting stale, so I needed to do something to keep it interesting.

I did pullups, pushups, and ab work Monday and Friday.  Wednesday was a new bodyweight leg routine that was a swift kick in the ass.  Tuesday and Thursday, I jumped rope. I’m continuing to improve with my pullups. I’m actually seeing some lat development.  I’llpost a photo when I have bat wings.

My jump rope times are also improving. I did 15 and 18 minutes this week. I could have gone longer but had a commitment, so I had to break it off. I’m really enjoying it and appreciate it is a good substitute for running when I don’t have the time, or my knees are bothering me.

I’m investigating buying a better jump rope. What I have is fine, but the rope is getting worn down. The jump rope market appears to be highly segmented. Nearly everything available is in the $5-$25 range. Then there is CrossRope.

I don’t have the faintest idea if their products are worth the money. They are saying all the right things: ease of use, adjustability for height and weight, high quality, multiple types of exercise, etc. They also have a ton of positive reviews. If anyone has used these then please post a comment. I’m tempted but don’t want to throw my money away on slick marketing.

My state’s autocrat governor has implemented a Covid rating system that remains a headscratcher to me. I can’t help but notice the number of deaths, hospitalizations, and hospital capacity are omitted from the criteria. I guess I’m not up on SCIENCE!

The good less shitty perplexing news for my county is we entered the red zone. Somehow that’s better than purple. I’m still wondering how entering the red zone is a good thing when warning people of danger. Anyway… this means my local gym just reopened subject to capacity restrictions and having to wear a facemask while working out.

I’m not worried about the capacity restriction because there isn’t a lot of competition for space at 0 dark 30. As for facemasks, weeks (or maybe months) ago some of you had some great suggestions about the neck gaiters you use as masks.  Please post suggestions in the comments.

This week’s music choice.