Capricorn begins their transition away from being the Universe’s butt-monkey as Jupiter returns to direct motion, so enjoy the onrush of things beginning to make sense.  With Jupiter changing motion while in the same alignment with Mercury and Saturn retrograde as last week, the general badness of the sign changes into more of a karmic retribution — still lots of pain, but at least this time the victim deserves it.  Sorry if that’s you.

In that vein, Mars goes retrograde in Aries, so expect to be the target of some aggression.  Nothing there about whether or not you’ll deserve it.  Another warning comes from the Moon in Scorpio, which is “carelessness leads to accidents.”  Finally Mercury remains in Libra which indicates tensions, but that you still manage to keep things relatively together.

Virgo:  The Blank Card – This week, it will be like there are no supernatural cosmic forces working on you at all.

Libra:  Wheel of Fortune reversed – Bad Luck

Scorpio:  Temperance reversed – Things connected with churches, religions, sects; disunion, unfortunate combinations, competing interests.

Sagittarius: The World – Assured success, recompense, voyage, route, emigration, flight, change of place

Capricorn:  8 of Swords – Bad news, violent chagrin, crisis, censure, power in trammels, conflict, calumny, sickness

Aquarius: Knight of Cups reversed* – Trickery, artifice, subtlety, swindling, duplicity, fraud

Pisces:  Knight of Wands reversed* –  Rupture, division, interruption, discord.

Aries:  King of Cups reversed -Dishonest, double-dealing man; roguery, exaction, injustice, vice, scandal, pillage, considerable loss.

Taurus:  5 of Cups – Loss but something remains, inheritance, patrimony, transmission — but not corresponding to expectations

Gemini:  3 of Wands – Established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery, able co-operation in business

Cancer:  King of Swords – Judgment and all its connections-power, command, authority, militant intelligence, law, offices of the crown and so forth

Leo:  Queen of Coins – Opulence, generosity, magnificence, security, liberty

*A typical reading is multiple cards, with the cards gaining meaning from those cards they are drawn with.  Knight of Cups reversed drawn with Knight of Wands reversed is a warning against booty calls (travelling for the purposes of love or carnality actually, but get with the lingo grandpa).  I might ignore this pairing since Glibtarot is single-card but since it’s Aquarius/Pisces (water/fish) that’s a pretty solid indicator that I should be reporting out the other relational meanings.