The Maze

the basket is right in front of you….

I decided to stop a while, a bit north of the 44th parallel, and of course they golf here, many big, impressive places, most with 24 holes, I have no idea why.


Straight up, 352 feet, piece of cake


the shot I ended up with, bogey 4

As you can see, the place is Green! A far cry from my usual desert conditions, and as a result it can get technical quick, like the 5th hole, straight, tight fairway, leading to this, and a bogey 4. The course is at a Community College, (of course) but on some gorgeous land, rolling hills, open spaces, and trees of all types, easy to play, hard to master, let’s continue…..

The 8th hole is up and ove a hill to a tree filled gully, nice

looking down to my second shot


deep in a holler, there is a basket


beautiful fairways

I did manage a long par putt. The fairways all present blind shots, so big curving shots are needed, and a bit of luck, it’s a great place to test out your trick shots.

The first time I attempted this course, I got lost, and found the 11th basket.

look at the skyline, there is a basket


where I actually shot from

When I played the hole, it was very different//true sho// I layed up for par, yippee!

Next we get to 18 and the trees, not California style trees, it’s more like a links style, tight, but open course, challenging to say the least.

cant see the basket for the trees


a technical shotl


This is a disc golf course

At last we finish in a clear blue sky, and a short walk back to the car. A good morning game, I shot +15, hoped for 12, but I’ll be back.

Next up, The Beauty.