Roger Goodell finds his calling. Fucking football.

The world’s on fire, nothing you see in the news can be believed anymore, there are people who don’t like German beer, but at least we have football back somewhat.

On that note, before the Floriday/Ole Miss game, both teams and coaches knelt, but it was just before kickoff, and not during the anthem. Thoughts? Discuss below.


We’ll show you who the REAL grownups are.


Climate change has reared it’s ugly head to remind us all that it’s still here.


I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Obama found out RBG had kicked it. I do like the sound of “The Notorious ACB”.


We’ll see how this goes. Typically, they can’t organize a picnic.


Looks like it’s Minnesoda’s turn in the barrel.


I think they’re really missing out on a niche market of about four people.


A little Jim Croce tonight.