Rosh Hashana is a two day event, so we can all enjoy it some more. Except Ginsburg. She’s likely not enjoying it much. Sheer deep hatred is not enough to sustain life, alas.

But enough about death, let’s celebrate life by recognizing today’s birthdays, which include a dude who was totally chill; Bernie Sanders with talent; an absolute icon in American arts and letters; the true Mrs. Frank Costanza; some Italian chick; a guy who looks like every commenter on this site; and a guy who told me it would be great for me to come into work today.

Fuck work, let’s talk about Links.


This shouldn’t make me laugh, but it makes me laugh.


Wait until deBlasio hears about this.


Wake and bake has a different meaning here if you don’t pay your bills.


Has he heard of the Crosspatch Decision?


The desperation will drive her.


First class trolling.


What can I say about Matt Lorenz that I haven’t said already? Other than, he’s got a new album dropping in November and we can hardly wait!